Tile Maintenance

Care and maintenance of polished and unpolished porcelain tile: Porcelain floor tile, despite being resistant to minor scratches, etching and stains, they are not damage proof!



Sweep or vaccuum loose debris & dirt daily.

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If water is needed to remove dust/dirt, use a mop that is slightly wet to wipe the area and dry off immediately.

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For more stubborn stains, test the cleaning solution first on a small and/or hidden area, and do not use any abrasive material at any point of time.

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If using industrial solution, always use clean water to wipe off instead of letting it sit and dry on its own.

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Do not drag any heavy furniture across the floor.

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Do not allow any dyes or permanent inks to come in contact with the tiles.

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Do not delay cleaning up if there are any spill of juice, wine, coffee and other foods substances.

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Do not use any harsh ingredients such as ammonia or hydrochloride to clean on tile surface.

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