4 Bedrooms You Wish Were Yours!

Rests and sleeps are highly important for us, and we would relish when we get a good quality of it. Hotel bedrooms can be a luxury, but there are ways to create a similar one of your own, right at home.


SAVANA (HIMBA) 20x121cm, Matt Finish R9


Warmth comes in different forms, spanning from yellow lighting to cartoon prints, from colours to soft toys, from wood designs to cloths and fabrics. There are several reasons as to why hotels prefer white linen... and 300 thread-count sheets for the beds: it’s unfussy and luxurious (especially if layered with extra sheets).


EXMA (CHIPTUNE) 61x61cm , Matt Finish R9


One of the best ways to obtain a sophisticated look is to meld accessories in different textures, just for some examples: leather sofa, porcelain tiles, fluffy rugs and so on. Remember to also try to link the room -with the rest of the house- with a comfortable spatial flow and create some sort of connectivity. 


TERRAZZO (TZ6003) 60x60cm, Matt Finish R10


Classic designs help set a soothing and tranquilizing mood, and helps you relax in the bedroom. Would also be great if could find a pattern, perhaps in terms of colours or design decoration. Have a theme!


STRAND (R NATURAL) & NENETS (R NAT. AMARILLO) 59.3x59.3cm, Matt Finish R10


Humans can be enthusiastically visual beings, and colours have been found to affect both our sleeping quality and quantity. In fact, colours reflect our personalities and preferences, and influences us in several ways including our moods. 

Come home to a 5-star bedroom every day!