5 Soon Bee Huat's Favourite Tiles Used Outdoors!


FOCUS (CINDER OUT) 16.5x100cm, Structured Finish R11



Yes of course we have wood… I mean it’s one of those classic’s classic for outdoors right? Gentle touches and warm nuances of our Focus bring charm to patios, balconies, rooftops… any where under the sun! The high slip resistance of Focus makes it suitable for outdoor areas, including swimmig pool decks.




ASPEN (BEIGE) 31x62cm, Matt Finish R10



ASPEN (GREY) 31x62cm, Matt Finish R10



Aspen is a stone inspired series designed by an Italian designer with a drive to make way for an elegantly raw home experience. The surface of this series evokes the texture, grains and veining typical of natural stone, alongside high pattern variation to enhance the similarity to the prototype material.





ORCHARD (GRAFITO) 20x20cm, Matt Finish R10



This is a pretty much fuss-free and comfortably raw look. It is simple yet hugely intriguing, enough to inspire conversation without being too noisy in the background. Jerusalem creates a snug and restful space, which makes it lovely for gatherings with family, friends with children… regardless is it a barbeque, steamboat, drinks, chit chat or perhaps even mahjong session for the adults and tag and chase for kids (...and adults).





Barlavento (caribean) 29.5x29.5cm, Structured Finish R11



First of all, be careful not to jump into these tiles like you would do into the pool. This collection is kind of like an interplay of 3 layers: water, shadow cast above the water, and what goes on below the water surface. Now, we go in depth. Barlavento means windward in the nautical dictionary and is also the name of a group of (paradise) islands in the Caribbean. Atolls formed by coral reefs, volcanic rocks that rolled into the sea and small fossils paint the Caribbean waters in refreshing shades of blue and green... We think Barlavento successfully translates into tiles the exuberant beauty of the Caribbean islands...





GIOIA (GRIGIO) 15x61cm, Matt Finish



Lastly, we want to go into this other specific stone inspired series. Consider really seriously to go for that modern luxurious marble stone look with a sophisticated flavour. While a great thing about this collection is the alluring cuts, the main reason why we absolutely adore this look for outdoors is because the material – wait for it – is PORCELAIN. That said, with porcelain’s durability and high water resistance, we use it on the walls unless you like to have this tiles to double up as some new form of massage for your feet.