5 Inspirational Restrooms In the World!

Big or small, extravagant or budget, these restrooms have got it going on. Take inspiration from these standout ideas from international designers. You’re sure to grab some ideas for your own renovation plans, so which one is closest to your style?



LUMIER (BLUE) 33.15x33.15cm, Matt Finish R9


It has been a long running passion for a huge group of us for tradition, geometry and colour that create a free and flexible universe of infinite combinations. The Spanish designer for this shower awashs this restroom in a range of soothing blue tones, but it’s the patterns that give the room its interest and dimension. 



CROSSCUT (PD3623P) 30x60cm, Semi Polish Finish


Regardless whether you are under daily stress from work or if you are simply just wanderlust, having a resort at home can be a stellar idea. Bring on that luxurious vacation by the beach feel, and you can actually start believing you are in that famous favourite holiday island.


AFRICA 26.7X23.2cm, Matt Finish R9


Instead of bringing together a functional bathroom just for the sake of it, why not give the space a more intimate feel and a sense of place all its own. If your overall goal for your shower is to make it happy and relaxing, simple or basic coloured nature designs always bring the joy. 


POP (WHITE & BLACK) 25X25cm, Glossy Finish


The colours, the curves, and the gloss create a very modern chic vibe in this bathroom. The sleek and stylish meandering lines provides the bold jolt of style that completes this space. This resting room is applied with clean monochrome tones, but it’s the details — including that of the only greenary — that give the room its interest and dimension. 



MARBLE (TAUPE) 60X60cm, Matt Finish


It is no wonder that colour and design combination plays such a vital role in the decor of this fun and tastful restroom. It was designed by an Italian designer, where the main idea is reinterpreted in a pop art style, creating an entertaining visual.