3 Tips to Bring Style to a Dining Area!

The design of the space for eating is essential. It affects the family's mood, appetite and health, and should not be a sloppy work. At Soon Bee Huat, we have sifted through hundreds, if not thousands, of images of the dining area. We noticed some of the keys to having a successful dining area: regardless of the space. So walk with us for some dining area tips before you start planning those dinner parties!



SILVERLINE (AVORIO) 20x120cm, Matt Finish R9


Firstly: Focus

Before you decorate your dining area, think about what your ideal table looks like. For example, if you want to choose a glass table, you should decorate the dining area into a modern or simple style; if it is a dark wooden table, it should be oriental or simple; light wooden table and the general design should be natural or Nordic style; if the table is of metal carvings then the theme should be European.



GLAM (GRIGIO) 80x80cm, Matt Finish R10


Secondly: Combination

While it is usual to select matching tables and chairs, there are also a few of us who will choose them separately. If you decided to buy them separately, you should pay attention to the ergonomic measurements. For example, the distance from the chair to the tabletop is normally around 30cm. Too high or too low will affect the normal eating posture, causing stomach discomfort or indigestion.



VERONA (BIANCO) 60x120cm, Polish Finish


Thirdly: Illumination

The lighting in the dining area should be soft to create a harmonious and warm atmosphere, so natural lighting is would be greatly appreciated. Either ways, with natural lighting or man made lighting, the light should be concentrated on the table. For example, hang a light fixture directly over your dining table - ideally, it should be able to draw the eyes!



Bon Appétit!