Artech twists modern sophistication, and evokes a chic vibe. The collection brings a contemporary look to any room though its smooth, solid tones. Artech achieves an edgy and elegant visual consistency with a tint of raw sandy look. Available in Beige, Light Grey, Medium Grey, Dark Grey and Brown.

HT-SFP331A<br />
HT-KFP331BH<br />
HT-KFP331CH and HT-SFP331C<br />
30x30cm and 30x60cm
HT-KFP331DH and HT-SFP331D<br />
30x30cm and 30x60cm
HT-KFP331EH and HT-SFP331E<br />
30x30cm and 30x60cm
Floor Tile Wall Tile Rectified R10 Matt V2

Size: 30x30cm and 30x60cm
Finish: Matt, R10
Country: Malaysia
Manufacturer: Guocera