The LH36910 series with its pristine white canvas adorned with enigmatic and striking orange veins, reminiscent of the meandering fissures seen in volcanic lava formations. Overlaying this ethereal backdrop are intricate ink-black patterns, evoking the rugged cracks found in molten rock, lending a captivating sense of depth to the design.

When seamlessly paired with the decor option, these square patterns draw inspiration from the surface aesthetics of the initial style, ingeniously crafting a puzzle-like interplay of elements. The geometric square motifs set against the pristine white backdrop yield a thoroughly contemporary decorative impact, merging the timeless allure of marble with the distinctive allure of cutting-edge artistic wallpaper.

The LH36910 tile series is a harmonious blend of natural elegance and modern sophistication. Its unique fusion of organic inspiration and avant-garde design creates an ambiance that transcends time, making it an exquisite choice for those seeking to elevate their space with a touch of refined, artistic luxury.

WT-LH36910A<br />
WT-LH36910C<br />
Wall Tile Glossy

Size: 30x60cm
Finish: Glossy
Country: China