Elevate your space with the LH36911 series, a stunning embodiment of modernity and unique aesthetics. LH36911A boasts a refined gray foundation adorned with delicate white crackle patterns which come to life, revealing a mesmerizing watermark-like beauty that transforms any space.

In perfect harmony, its decor shares the same understated gray canvas but takes a bold approach with vertical lines and two prominent squarish geometric patterns. These meticulously crafted lines and squares infuse your environment with a contemporary, geometric essence reminiscent of an abstract masterpiece.

Discover the LH36911 series and let its captivating allure redefine your space, making it a true testament to modern design and artistic expression.

WT-LH36911A<br />
WT-LH36911C<br />
Wall Tile Glossy

Size: 30x60cm
Finish: Glossy
Country: China