Introducing the LH36805 tile series, a seamless fusion of tranquil whites and captivating blues that effortlessly bring together the deep ocean and the boundless sky. This collection epitomizes the essence of coastal elegance. LH36805A boasts a soothing pale blue base, while LH36805B offers a sumptuous deep blue canvas, both embellished with graceful grayish-black speckles. To complete this coastal masterpiece, the series includes a diamond-shaped decor that skillfully incorporates elements from the two base tiles, creating a harmonious blend that captures the very spirit of where the ocean meets the sky. As these tiles grace your walls, they evoke the serene beauty of this natural union, instantly transforming your space into a coastal haven.

WT-LH36805A<br />
WT-LH36805B<br />
WT-LH36805C<br />
Wall Tile Glossy

Size: 30x60cm
Finish: Glossy
Country: China