Bloom represents the new expression for colour interpretation. As a contemporary series, each piece of tile depicts a youthful temperament through its voice of colours and caresses of shades. Bloom is a stylish way to freshen up any interior design scheme. Available in 60x60cm in White, Grey and Navy, and also available in 30x60cm in White, Grey, Navy, Teal and Dark Grey.

HT-BS36L10 and HT-BS66L10<br />
30x60cm and 60x60cm
HT-BS36L13 and HT-BS66L13<br />
30x60cm and 60x60cm
HT-BS36L14<br />
HT-BS36L15<br />
HT-BS36L18 and HT-BS66L18<br />
30x60cm and 60x60cm
Floor Tile Wall Tile Rectified R9 Matt V3

Size: 30x60cm and 60x60cm
Finish: Matt, R9
Country: China
Manufacturer: Daugres