Broadway is a porcelain collection with high shade and pattern variations of the natural stone look. It's unswerving charm brings your personal space to life using minimalist yet intelligent design and surface texture. Broadway is exceptionally great for matured spaces that also demands a state of composure. Available in White, Beige, Light Grey, Medium Grey, Dark Grey and Brown.

HT-SSP330A<br />
HT-KSP330B and HT-SSP330B<br />
30x30cm and 30x60cm
HT-KSP330C and HT-SSP330C<br />
30x30cm and 30x60cm
HT-KSP330D and HT-SSP330D<br />
30x30cm and 30x60cm
HT-KSP330E and HT-SSP330E<br />
30x30cm and 30x60cm
HT-KSP330F and HT-SSP330F<br />
30x30cm and 30x60cm
Floor Tile Wall Tile Rectified R10 Matt V2

Size: 30x30cm and 30x60cm
Finish: Matt, R10
Country: Malaysia
Manufacturer: Guocera