5 Best Kitchen Backsplash Ideas in Singapore

Kitchen backsplashes are no longer just a protective layer for your walls, they are much more than that. In the past, backsplashes were seen purely as something between your countertop and your cabinet to prevent liquids from landing on the wall. Now, it is something that you can use to flaunt your personality and express your creativity with. However, we know it can be hard to find the right material for your backsplash in Singapore.


Backsplashes are getting more and more complicated and intricated, especially in terms of design. So many options, but which one matches your house’s vibe? Before we carry on, first you must know what ambience you want in your kitchen. Done? Now, to make it slightly easier for all of you who are looking for a new backsplash, we present to you our top 5 materials that will serve as a gorgeous kitchen backsplash and enhance the look of your kitchen!

1. Decora 

The inspiration for Decora originated from the US and European metros stations. With its traditional black and white tiles, Decora brings both practicality and grace to your kitchen backsplash, whilst giving it a modern twist. This material gives you the opportunity to explore and express your creativity. You have the option to either have the tiles vertically, horizontally or in a herringbone pattern, the choice is all yours.

2. Lumier

Floored porcelain tiles have returned to popularity, with more people using them as decorative elements. This is what the Lumier series aims to bring forth in your kitchen. With large-sized patterns of differing styles containing a beautiful mix tone of vibrant ochres, greens and oranges combined with the freshness of the blues and the serene feeling of the black, Lumier provides your backsplash with a splash of tradition infused with modernity. This collection is perfect for those who are looking to showcase their love for all things vintage in their kitchen.

3. Vita

A dash of Italian flavours, that is what best describes Vita. With references to art and folklore from Naples and the Amalfi Coast to Sicily, from Greece to the Iberian Peninsula and to Morocco, this collection boasts of a distinctive identity. There are three colours available - White, Blue and Cotto, as well as two decorative ranges, each with its unique vibe. Vita is the sort of material that will make your kitchen feel right out of a quaint Mediterranean countryside.

4. Stone

Inspired by the numerous unique tones of natural rock, this tile is your go-to if you are leaning towards a raw, industrial vibe. At the same time, the flower patterns offer a touch of softness, providing a fine balance. Suitable for any sort of ambience, its soothing colours of beige and grey act as a great complementary decoration. The matte finishing makes it easy to clean.

5. Rombo

Versatile and beautiful, Rombo inspires creativity. This tile exudes sophistication with its dreamy colours (White, Black, Cement and Camel) that comes together to form an eye-pleasing design, similar to that of a blooming flower, and is available in two types of surface - flat or concave. Much like Decora, this tile offers you the opportunity to mix and match the different colours to reflect your own flair and personality in the kitchen.

These are our top 5 materials to use for your kitchen backsplash. All are unique in their ways, adding that extra flavour to your kitchen. At the end of the day, the most important thing is for you to know what ambience you want to achieve in your kitchen before using the backsplash materials to achieve it. If you are still unsure of which material to use, feel free to ask us! At Soon Bee Huat, we have the largest tiles variety in Singapore with a technology offering a unique design experience for everyone. As we pride ourselves as the tile and stone specialist, you can trust us to complete the home of your dreams. Start viewing more options here.