How to Match Marble Effect Tiles with Hallways, Kitchens & Bathrooms

Are you thinking of adding texture and elegance to your home flooring in Singapore? Then you should consider marble effect tiles as an alternative to natural marble. It can instantly evoke a sense of luxury and glamour without the high price tag.

Marble effect tiles are popular for flooring, walls, and as a backsplash in kitchens and bathrooms. They come in various colours, making them easy to match with hallways, kitchens and bathrooms.

However, these tiles are not just decorative. They also add value to your home by increasing the property’s resale value. In this article, we will explore some ideas on how you can match marble effect tiles in your living spaces.

Matching Ideas

When it comes to matching marble effect tiles, it depends on the overall effect you want your home to have. For instance, when a marble effect tile is used in small amounts, it can create a high-end look for your home. If used in large areas like the hallway or kitchen, you will have people in awe of all the marble effect tiles in your home.

Hallways Applications

There are plenty of reasons why you should incorporate marble effect tiles in your hallway. They can make the space seem larger than it is because of the way that light reflects off of the surface.

The marble effect tiles will also add some visual interest to your hallway by providing a contrast against other materials such as wood or metal.

A good idea is to use these tiles on both sides of the hallway, which will create an illusion of depth and make it feel more spacious than before, as shown with our Vera marble effect tile below.

Tiles in Kitchens

Want to give your kitchen a makeove? Then it's time to try out marble effect tiles, which are timeless and elegant. They work best in kitchens because they are durable and easy to clean.

Available in various colours and patterns, marble effect tiles are often used for because they have a beautiful appearance and are resistant to scratches, stains, water damage, and fading.

One way to match these tiles in the kitchen is to use them on the walls. You can choose kitchen wall tiles in Singapore from dark-coloured to light-coloured marble effect tiles. This will make your kitchen look luxurious and sophisticated, as shown with our LTP36001PA marble effect tile below.

In Bathrooms

Marble effect tiles are popular in bathrooms because of the natural stone look and atmosphere. They are also easy to maintain and come in different designs, textures, colours, and sizes.

When used in the bathroom, marble effect tiles can function as accent tiles to enhance the look of your space, adding some flair, making it more unique. You can also use them as a backsplash behind your sink or toilet.

A good idea is to use marble effect tiles on one side of your bathroom wall to create a glamourous space, even if you have limited space. Here’s an example with our Bali Azul marble effect tile below.

Is Marble Effect Tiles Perfect for My Home?

This is a common question posed by many homeowners and here's what we know; Marble design will never go out of style. But since natural marble is expensive, marble effect tiles are the most affordable alternative, and they look just like natural marble.

Here are several reasons why marble effect tiles are perfect for your home:

1. Cheaper alternative – Natural marble is expensive to acquire compared to marble effect tiles. With the advent of tile manufacturing technology, almost every texture can be duplicated onto tiles.

2. Sophisticated style – For most people that are looking to elevate their home décor, the first look that comes to mind will always be marble. Therefore, opting for marble effect tiles is a perfect choice.

3. Easy to match – Marble effect tiles are easy to match into any home. For instance, if you need to replace a portion of the tile, you can still have the same tonality as the colour changes over time and matches the surrounding pieces.

How Much Does Marble Effect Tiles Cost?

The pricing of these tiles in Singapore generally depends on several factors like country of origin. Therefore, it is important for you to do your research and set a budget aside for your home renovation.

That said, marble effect tiles pricing in Singapore can range from $3 to $12 per square foot, excluding the installation fees. Most suppliers will charge additional fees for cutting the tiles and installing them, and it's good to know these details in advance.

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