For homeowners in Singapore, choosing bathroom floor tiles is an important decision as it is the hardest to replace. However, most tend to overlook the fact that while most floor tiles can be used on walls, tiles designed for walls may not be suitable for floor application. So how will you tell the difference to ensure your tile purchase will be worth your money? To help you out, here are some of our recommended options you can consider for your bathroom floor space:


For a modern and bright aesthetic, light-coloured tiles will be more suitable. Here, as Varana tiles are highly luminous, they will make your bathroom appear more open and spacious. With its matte finish, any smudges or water stains will also be less obvious. As the colours here are of a similar colour scheme, a cohesive look is achieved.

Rovere Blanco

As one of the busiest and most visited areas in a home, the design of your bathroom is essential in welcoming anyone who enters it. With Rovere Blanco tiles, the beauty of white wood creates a sort of calmness in the bathroom atmosphere, a sweet respite from the everyday hustle and bustle. These larger tiles also mean that there will be lesser grout lines for dirt to accumulate in. 

MT Fossil

Floor-to-ceiling tiles may make one feel claustrophobic, especially if your bathroom space is already small. In such interiors, you can consider having the tiles partway up the wall like what is done here with MT Fossil tiles. A combination of stone and wood looks, these textured porcelain tiles surround the space, giving it a rustic and relaxing feel.


A popular choice in interior design, marble adds visual interest and can make your abode feel luxurious. With marble, keep in mind if you want high or low variation. Here, Kea tiles are delicately veined and more subtle, adding a touch of elegance into your space. It looks stylish and will definitely stay a classic in years to come. 

Night Elf

This is another example of marble tiles, one that can create a statement on its own. Part of a black marble inspired series, Night Elf tiles will add impact to your bathroom and make it an ultimate showstopper. Especially when the rest of your space is neutral, you can introduce a bold and dramatic look to it. Beyond aesthetics, these dark-hued tiles will help mask any stains or specks of dirt.


If you desire an eye-catching set of tvaranales, consider the interesting pattern of Tanger tiles, which can make your bathroom design look richer and more dynamic. Such patterns can be unexpected, which provides an element of surprise. Here, Tanger tiles add a great pop of colour against the existing neutral backdrop, the stunning green shade commanding attention from its guests.  


Make your bathroom a work of art with Kasai tiles. Paying homage to Japanese design culture, it is a great idea to have these long tiles span across your wall and floor. There‚Äôs something relaxing and peaceful with the use of these tiles, almost like one is in an entirely different realm. Placed horizontally, Kasai tiles also help visually elongate the space, allowing this bathroom to look much larger. 

Eyeing any tile design for your bathroom? Here at Soon Bee Huat, we have the largest stone and tiles variety in Singapore with a technology offering a unique design experience for everyone. As we pride ourselves as the tile and stone specialist, you can trust us to complete the home of your dreams.