4 Popular Genres of Backsplash!


GIARDINO (BIA MIX LUC) 20x20cm, Glossy Finish


Bright quirky colours and designs are definitely a good way to create distractions and conversations especially if your kitchen is just for show and not for use (you know what I mean right?). It is those kind that makes you take second looks and ponder for a moment, and makes you feel jolly and merry on the inside. The best thing is when the eye-catching furnitures are fully functional.



BRICKLANE (TOTAL WHITE) 7.5x30.5cm, Matt Finish R10


Look for designs that look kind of handmade, natural and organic. This instantly creates textures and a homely sense of down to earth. It is welcoming and definitely does not intimidate with coldness. For example, this tile series featured here is a clean coloured option but the texture is beatiful and also an opportunity where you can add a bit of twist by playing with the layout.




LUMIER (MIX) 33.15x33.15cm, Matt Finish R9


Usually we relate and associate the tropics with colours and flowers blooming… alongside rain… and rain. Luckily, in the flexibility of interior design, we are able to specifically select aspects that we like and simple leave out those that we do not really like. Afterall, choosing the tile for the backsplash should be one of the most exciting part in interior design… since the area is usually small and any risk of destroying the entire space is considered very low!



SUITE 63 (SKY) 120x20cm, Matt Finish R9


If you have been following our blogs, you would likely have noticed that we hard sell our tiles although we tried hard to discuss more generally about interior design… it is really difficult to avoid focusing and showing them off because we are so proud and confident of our products! Featured here is our wood inspired collection with soothing tones and design alongside an alluring blur tint. The most interesting aspect of this collection used as a backsplash is it size: nope, we do not always have to stick to small sized tiles for backsplashes!