5 Natural Granite Floor Inspirations for Natural Luxury

Natural luxury can be experienced via our senses, usually through sight and touch. Natural granites are powerful materials with designs and finishes that bring about a relaxing effect on us, and so is a great choice to have in our sanctuary of opulence.


Natural granite as your flooring is appreciated as it is visually stunning, and often highly versatile to match a wide range of interior designs and colour schemes. It also adds a sense of luxury effortlessly and completely transforms the look of your abode.


As for the granite finishes, which determine the ultimate type of texture, it will elevate the final look of your home by giving it accents. Some types of finishes include:

  • Polished
  • Bush Hammered
  • Flamed
  • Chiselled

Let’s get inspired with some natural granite designs and their finishes: 

Black Marinace, Polished Finish

Black Marinace is a predominately dark grey natural granite with a combination of black, grey, and white pebble stones that were formed at the base of riverbeds.


Quarried from Brazil, it has the most common and popular type of finish used for natural granite – polished.


As the stone is buffed, it possesses a shiny, reflective appearance that can create an illusion of space. This can be particularly useful for smaller homes as these sleek Black Marinace pieces will elevate your entire space by bringing more luminosity and elegance to your interior. 

Lemurian Blue Light, Polished Finish

Also with a polished finish, Lemurian Blue Light is a dark green natural granite with blue iridescent feldspar and black shades, quarried from Madagascar.


When used large-scale on your floor, its little details will instantly make your home appear luxurious and high-end. Besides adding a fancy touch, the polished finish also helps to enhance the rich patterns of the granite and showcase its beauty. When applied in your interior, the result will simply be breathtaking! 

G682 Bush Hammer, Bush Hammered Finish

Featuring the G682 Bush Hammer from China, this yellow natural granite with black speckles is simple, yet will make so much difference to your home decor. The perfect match for neutral colour schemes, G682 Bush Hammer will blend seamlessly with and make your home feel more put-together.


As its name suggests, G682 Bush Hammer possesses a bush hammered finish, which is achieved by texturising the granite using a bush hammer. This creates a rough and irregular texture, giving the granite its anti-slip property. As such, it can be installed indoors in homes with children or pets, which are prone to slipping. It is also very suitable for outdoor use since it is rough and highly slip-resistant.

G684 Flamed, Flamed Finish

Imported from China, G684 Flamed is a grey natural granite with a flamed finish, produced by firing an intense flame against the stone. The result is a slightly rough surface with a glazed appearance that protects the stone and makes it more durable, which is ideal for outdoor application.


Beyond its practicality, the beauty of G684 Flamed easily sets the stage for a beautiful home. It is rugged yet refined, which is such a charming option to take note of.  

Sesame Black, Chiselled Finish

Another granite originating from China is Sesame Black. It has a chiselled finish which gives the granite a slightly irregular surface. If your existing interior feels flat, the chiselled lines on this dark grey natural granite’s surface will give your place more texture and make it feel extra special!


Texture is an important element for those working with a similar colour palette, as it helps to differentiate one surface from another. When hosting your housewarming parties, the unique texture of Sesame Black will definitely be a focal point of your home, bound to leave a memorable impression on your guests. 

We hope that these natural granite floor designs have sparked your imagination a little. Your natural granite flooring will ultimately become a staple in your interior design; if you are unsure about how you can best upgrade the look of your space, feel free to get in touch with us. Here at Soon Bee Huat, we have the largest tiles variety in Singapore with a technology offering a unique design experience for everyone. As we pride ourselves a tile and stone specialists, you can trust us to complete the home of your dreams. Start viewing more options here.