4 Areas In Your Kitchen That Can Use Tiles

Tiles offer an exceptional way to infuse personality and style into your kitchen. The vast array of tile types available in the market not only serves as flooring but also as countertops or wall embellishments, offering limitless design possibilities.


In Singapore, ceramic tiles reign as a popular choice for kitchen spaces due to their durability, low maintenance, and diverse range of colors and designs, catering to varied style preferences, enabling the creation of dream kitchens.


When undertaking a kitchen renovation, consider incorporating ceramic tiles in multiple areas of your kitchen space. Here are four distinctive ways to integrate tiles into your kitchen:


4 Ways to Use Tiles in Your Kitchen



1.      Kitchen Floor Tiles


Modern kitchens typically feature tiled floors, available in ceramic, porcelain, stone, and other materials. When selecting tiles for kitchen flooring, factor in the expected foot traffic.


Porcelain tiles, for instance, provide ease of maintenance, particularly essential in households with pets, ensuring convenient cleaning and managing pet-related messes.


Although ensuring adequate slip resistance is crucial when selecting kitchen floor tiles, it's essential to acknowledge the trade-off between high slip resistance and easy maintenance. Tiles with a higher slip resistance, typically rated R10 or above, provide superior traction, minimizing the risk of accidents. However, these highly slip-resistant tiles often have a more textured surface, making them slightly more challenging to clean.


On the contrary, tiles with an R9 slip resistance rating strike a balance between slip resistance and ease of maintenance. Opting for tiles with this rating streamlines cleaning routines in the kitchen. The smoother surface is less prone to trapping dirt and grime, allowing for easier wiping or mopping. Nonetheless, finding the right equilibrium between slip resistance and cleanability is crucial to ensure both safety and practicality in a kitchen setting.


Ultimately, the choice between R9 and higher-rated tiles depends on individual preferences and the specific demands of the kitchen space. Striking the perfect harmony between slip resistance and maintenance ease is key to establishing a safe yet manageable kitchen environment.


For an elongated and spacious feel, consider the Bosco Crema 20x75cm, Matt R9 tiles, known for their unidirectional pattern that creates a sense of openness and relaxation within the space.



Bosco Crema 20x75cm, Matt R9

Image Alt: Kitchen Floor Tiles


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2.      Kitchen Wall Tiles


Given the diverse colors, shapes, sizes, and textures available, tiles offer versatile options for kitchen walls. For instance, subway tiles can be arranged in different patterns such as classic staggered stack, vertical stack, herringbone, or chevron.


For adding flair to a simple kitchen, consider the bold and straightforward visuals of Frame 7.5x22.5cm, Glossy tiles. These tiles defy traditional impressions of the classic subway style, emphasizing bevels for a distinctive look.


Frame 7.5x22.5cm, Glossy

Image Alt: Kitchen Wall Tiles


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3.      Kitchen Countertops


The kitchen countertop is a central space for food preparation and appliance storage. Heat-resistant ceramic tiles make an excellent choice for countertops, allowing the placement of hot pans without concerns about damage. However, caution is necessary to prevent chipping when dropping heavy items on the tile surface.


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4.      Kitchen Backsplash


Tiles make for an ideal kitchen backsplash in Singapore, providing a protective layer against splatters and spills. With numerous styles and patterns available, they offer a canvas for showcasing personal taste and design creativity.


Consider Cezanne 23.2x26.7cm, Matt R9 tiles to create a lively and stunning statement in your kitchen. This design merges geometry, texture, and character, with vibrant fragmented speckles standing out against a monochromatic backdrop.


Cezanne 23.2x26.7cm, Matt R9

Image Alt: Kitchen Backsplash Tiles


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In Conclusion

Tiles offer durability and versatility, allowing their usage in various kitchen areas such as flooring, countertops, backsplashes, and walls. Soon Bee Huat proudly boasts the largest tile variety in Singapore, providing a unique design experience for everyone. Explore our full range of tiles by visiting our showrooms or clicking here.



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